Born in Heerenveen

As a kid I was always drawing and doing creative things. As a teenager I got into graffiti and discovered hip hop music.


Cibap Zwolle

My dreamschool back then. Learning about design, advertising, window dressing and exhibition stand design. A very creative school in wich I had a great time. I graduated as a designer.


Start of my professional career

This was the year I started to earn money with my creativity. Selling my art, doing comissioned work and making music.


Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

In the two years I attended the art academy I also was a member of a very popular hip hop group called De Onderhonden, with a lot of shows every week. So I couldn't make the most out of my study.


Working at BrainWorks Sneek

Working at a graphic design studio was a life long dream which came true in Sneek. A small agency, so I was part of a lot of processes and I learned a lot.


Started freelancing

Doing art, design, murals, paintings, music, performances and a lot of other creative stuff. I became an allround creative and made a living out of it.


Omrop Fryslân

Started working for Omrop Fryslân TV, the big Frisian broadcaster. In a weekly talkshow called Faktor Freed I did freestyle raps about the guests and drew a funny cartoon to summarize the show. For 5 years I was on tv every week.


National TV

For national broadcasters like MTV, The Box, SBS6, Veronica, VPRO and VARA I created a lot of tv items and worked as a reporter.


Became a father

In 2009 our son was born and three years later we've got a baby girl . Life changing events.


Daily poet, Dit is de dag, EO Radio1

On Radio1, the national radio, I wrote a poem during the radioshow about the guests and the discussion. The show was called 'Dit is de dag' and is still on air today, without the poems tho.


Public artwork ‘Midden’ in Heerenveen

After years of working on the design, the construction and municipal permits we could finally reveal the sculpture 'Midden'. Placed on a roundabout in the middle of Heerenveen and marking the neighbourhood Midden. This was the first of several public artworks I did over the years.


First big solo show in a museum

In the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden I created a solo show about privacy called Skyn & Skaad (Frisian for shine & shadow).


MUSE tv for Omrop Fryslân

In the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden Omrop Fryslân recorded a tv show about art called 'Muse'. I was one of the jury members and did some coaching as well. Other members were Saskia Bak and Steven Sterk. It was a lot of fun to be a part of this big production.


Started my animation studio

To combine my drawing and designskills with my video and audio experience and my love for story telling I started making animated content. I founded my animation studio 'Animatie.Online' and worked for a lot of great clients.


Created a hip hop coloring book

To teach children about the history of Dutch hip hop I created 'Het Grote Nederlandse Hip Hop Kleurboek'. A coloring book filled with drawings and info about Dutch artists of the past and the present.


New abstract art

My love for brushstrokes and Rembrandt resulted in new artworks in which I remix 17th century brushstrokes into abstract artworks. I use digital techniques in combination with very old materials to create 17th century abstraction in the present.


First solo show in Amsterdam

In 'Huis Vasari' in Amsterdam I showed my new artworks for the first time to the public. The show was special to me and the response was very positive. Including great press coverage on radio, tv and newspapers.


Art, animation and new chalenges

At the moment I am working on new artworks and comissioned work for clients. I am always open for new oportunities.